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Late Works: Preparations at Cafe Oto, London, England, February 13, 2023 

-Collaborated with Lou Lou Sainsbury to make a perfume called Fowelley's Scent which was included in the performance 

series Late Works: Preparations at Cafe Oto in London.

-This group show is curated by Melanie O'Brian, it's at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery in Vancouver! There is a cool

interview that I did with La Source about it too.

The Willful Plot at Belkin, Vancouver, Canada, January 13- April 16, 2023 

-This group show is curated by Dan Starling, it's at CSA in Vancouver! 

Jelena and the Internet Celebrity Cat at CSA, Vancouver, Canada, September 23- October 30, 2022 

The Foliage at Vincom Centre for Contemporary Art, Hanoi Vietnam, September 16- November 11, 2022 

-A part of this exciting group exhibition The Foliage which is curated by Abhijan Toto and Đỗ Tường Linh. Will come to

Hanoi for an artist talk in November. Details soon.

Gushul Residency, August 2022 

-Going to be in residence at Gushul Studios, Blairmore, AB. Super excited to do some research and continue to work on a

new film I've been working on slowly all year. It will be a part of a solo exhibition at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery

September 2023. 

I must be living twice, April 23- November 27 2022 

-In a group show with my classmates curated by Shimmer at the European Cultural Centre, a part of the program Personal Structures which is a part of the Venice Bienial this year. Here's a link to more info

-In this group show called In a World Thick with Opaque Complexities at Mama Showroom in Rotterdam. It's curated by 

Cave Collective. Here's a link :)

In a World Thick with Opaque Complexities, March 26- April 3 2022 

Breakfast B Reading Series, March 6 2022 

-Julia Dahee Hong runs the online Zoom reading/performance program called Breakfast B Reading series and she invited me to read! I will do a performative reading of a new script I wrote called Polyphonic Flame. It's a film-to-be, script-in-progress.

It starts at 20:00 CET, 14:00 CST and 11:00 PST, check out the zoom link here. Many thanks to the voice actors Nadine

Ghandour, Marco Aperti, Bidu Nastasa and Aitan Ebrahimoff!

Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, March 31- April 24 2022 

-Last Lost Time has its first theatrical release= world premiere at this festival in Chicago. Always thank you to John Brennan

and Elisa Ferrari, couldn't have been done without them. The program is called Standing in the Ruins. Check it out here.

Libby Leshgold Gallery, Related, March 3- April 24 2022 

-Going to show Excerpts from the Domestic Cinema Ch.1 and Ch.2 as a part of this group show at the Libby Leshgold

GalleryIt's curated by Lyndsay Pomerantz. There's lots of amazing artworks and artists that are a part of this show too!

More info available here.

The Bows, The Bows Billboard, Feb 25- April 18 2022 

-Tear Possibility 8 is a collage turned billboard project up outside The Bows in Calgary. Thank you Godfre Leung, Natasha Chaykowski and The Bows crew. A link to some writing by Godfre on The Bows website is here 

Centre Clark, January 15- February 12 2022 + artist talk January 27

-geetha and I get to show soothsay again! Yay! This time at Centre Clark in Montreal. We originally showed it at Unit 17.

There's gonna be an artist talk on January 27 too at 5:30PM est. Here's a link with some info 

Art Toronto, October- November 2021

-Some collages will be a part of Art Toronto in person + a stereo version of Last Lost Time will be presented online, 

dates include October 29- 31 (in person) + October 29- Nov 7 (online) 2021.

Burnaby Art Gallery New Acquisitions Exhibition + a workshop, October 15- January 23 2021

-Two collages will be a part of the Burnaby Art Gallery's new acquistions exhibition alongside many amazing artists :) Oh

and I'll be co-hosting a workshop on October 16th too (I'll be beaming in online but the workshop is IRL). Click here to

register and get more info

Sobey Shortlist Exhibition, National Gallery of Canada, October 2021

-I'm super honoured to be a part of this incredible company for the Sobey Art Award 2021 shortlist. There will be an

exhibition at the National Gallery, October 8- February 20 2021.

EM-EFF-Eh 2021-23, Piet Zwart Insitute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands September 2021

-Going to school again in the fall at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. See you soon new friends,

community and collaborators <3

WUFF 8, screening and workshop, June 4- 6, 2021

-The Protagonists is screening at the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival and there's going to be a Q&A. I will host a workshop too! More details soon. 

where do we go from here? vancouver art gallery, December 12- may 30, 2021

-I'm in this group show Where Do We Go From Here? it's at the Vancouver Art Gallery, check it!

Vancouver Trieniale: Disorientations and Echo, Vancouver Art Gallery, May 22 2021- Jan 9, 2022

-I'm in Vancouver Trieniale: Disorientations and Echo at the Vancouver Art Gallery, together with collaborators John Brennan and Elisa Ferrari, curated by Christian Vistan.

centrum emerging artist residency,centrum, port townsend, washington, October 1-31, 2020

-Going for a one month residency at Centrum, located in Fort Warden State Park with five other artists, see ya!


'soothsay', two person exhibition opening at unit 17, september 10, 2020

-New works created in conversation with geetha thurairajah, accompanied by a text written by Christian Vistan.

*Opening/viewing COVID procedures TBA*

-The Protagonists screens as a part of the 'On Hold' program Vienna, Austria

'The protagonists', screening at kaleidoskop film festival, June 26- July 17, 2020 

artist talk with pao hua her + others, may 21, 2020

-Was in conversation with Pao Hua Her on the occasion of her solo exhibition 'Emplotment' at Or Gallery. Talk was recorded

May 21, 2020 with Pao and arts facilitator, cultural worker and curator Asia Jong. It was facilitated by curator Godfre Leung

and Or Gallery Assistant Curator Laurie White. 

'a sentimental dissidence' opening reception, solo exhibition at grunt gallery, october 31, 2019 

-Opening reception for the exhibition 'a sentimental dissidence' opens October 31th, beginning at 7 PM at grunt gallery. The exhibition features new video, sculpture and sound works. . This show is curated by Vanessa Kwan

'relations of responsibility' opening reception, group exhibition at SFU audain, october 9, 2019 

-Opening reception for the exhibition 'Relations of Responsbility' opens October 9th, beginning at 7 PM at SFU Audain. The exhibition features works by Raven Chacon, Lou Sheppard and myself. There will be a performance by Lou at 6 PM. This

show is curated by cheyanne turions.

artist talk, october 1, 2019

-Artist talk at Emily Carr University of Art + Design as a part of the 'Twilight Hour' speaker series. Free and open to students and the public. Starts at 6 PM.

'Excerpts from the domestic cinema ch.1',  as a part of the works screening series,

'esp: ecologies' with unit 17, fillip and cineworks, September 14, 2019 

-'Excerpts From the Domestic Cinema Ch.1' is a part of a screening series called 'ESP: Ecologies'. This iteration is co-

presented between Unit 17, Fillip and Cineworks. Program includes shorts by myself, Tiziana La Melia & Maryse Larivière and

Sarah Rara. A video on loop by Sarah will also be on view. Doors are at 7:30 PM and the screening starts at 8:00 PM. Free

but with RSVP because a light dinner buffet will be served!

'Excerpts from the domestic cinema ch.1', group show as a part of the works festival, June 22, 2019 

-'Excerpts From the Domestic Cinema Ch.1' is a part of a group show within The Works Festival in Edmonton, Alberta.

Opening reception with performances and artist roundtable discussion from 1:00 PM- 3:30 PM. Curated by Yang Lim.

Toronto premiere of 'the protagonists', april 18, 2019 

-'The Protagonists' screens as a part of Images Festival (TO, Can), part of the shorts program 'Domestic Cinema'

curated by Steffanie Ling

opening of online group show 'archival pulse', january 16, 2019 

-New video 'Excerpts From the Domestic Cinema Ch.1' is a part of an online group show called 'Archival Pulse', hosted by

P40 collective (TO, Can) and curated by Noor Bhangu (TO, Can) 

World premiere of 'The Protagonists' as a part of Iffr, january 25+26, 2019 

-World Premiere of 'The Protagonists' as a part of the 48th edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam. Screens January

25 and 26 as a part of the 'Inquiring Minds' program. Special thanks to Tom Richardson, Eric Lowe, Steff Ling, Ellis Sam,

Casey Wei and VIVO Media Arts.

screening of 'The Protagonists' as a part of 'documentarian' recent acquisitions at vivo media arts, january 10, 2019

-Screening 'The Protagonists' as a part of the program 'Documentarian', a collection of recent film, video and moving image acquisitions at VIVO Media Arts. Special thanks to program curator Casey Wei

Artspeak radio digest, every tuesday evening on co-op radio vancouver at 100.5fm from 9-10pm pst, fall 2018

-I am co-producing, writing, editing and organizing a weekly, 1-hour radio show as a part of an aural publishing initiative led 

Artspeak in partnership with Co-op Radio Vancouver. The program is called Artspeak Radio Digest and is a mix of quality

content: current events, local arts, musical selections, poetry and more. Artists and writers Brady Cranfield, Emma Metcalfe

Hurst, Autumn Schnell and I work on the show together with support from Bopha Chhay and Erik Hood. You can tune in

every Tuesday from 9-10PM PST at 100.5FM the old school way or by clicking the 'Listen Now' (top left button) on the Co-

Op Radio website:

Be sure to check the Artspeak Radio Digest on Artspeak's website too where all the episodes are archived:


- I was invited to speak on this panel as a part of CURRENT Feminist Electronic Arts Symposium in Vancouver. You can RSVP

to the event by following this link:

EAT YOUR ART AND VEGETABLES CKUW 95.9 FM, thursday june 21/18

- I went on this Winnipeg based radio show with artist John Patterson that 'presents guests of diverse backgrounds and

perspectives ranging from local self taught artists to internationally renowned interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary artists'

for the occasion of my exhibition in town. You can find a link to the mp3 here:


- Presented some research at Platfrom Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts in Winnipeg on the occasion of my exhibition

there. A link to the archive of the talk, which I think will also be uploaded on their website soon:

BACK ALLEY ENTRANCE, saturday june 17/18

- I was a part of this panel discussion on recent connections, resources and dialogues between DIY project spaces: Duplex (Vancouver), Blinkers (Winnipeg) and the former Negative Space (Winnipeg).





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